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Guest of honor at the Gouvieux salon 1999

Let us rejoice that this Visual Arts fair in Gouvieux allows us to discover the artistic work of this "income from beyond" that is Daniel Convenant. From his hard work to rebuild his life, built with the sweat of his talent, Daniel Convenant does us the honor of presenting his paintings, drawings, engravings, disciplines that he practices with equal happiness because of his perfect knowledge of techniques and the quality of its irreproachable graphics.
It is in his paintings that he manages to bring out his true personality. It excels in atmospheres that transport us to another universe where mystery reigns, a certain ambiguity and an extreme light that penetrates us. His painting is not the fruit of memory, it is that of inspiration. He uses the curved line because it fights linear time and represents the strength of emotions. He is in search of interior, intellectual and spiritual life. Let us not miss a visit to Daniel Convenant, it is we who would be impoverished not to know or to ignore a work so powerful in the form so dense in the sense and so intense in the creative vision.

November 1999

Beyond Appearance

Engraver, sculptor but above all painter, Daniel Convenant composes a work that goes well beyond the image. It is meditation and reflection. Everything first appears a dynamic gesture evoking female silhouettes, landscapes, in a pattern punctuated by curves that give them a certain lyricism. But Daniel Convenant is not a painting of appearances. His art is closely linked to an accident that plunged him into a coma. He thus delivers an authentic analysis of time, memory and life. At the heart of his creation: the tree symbolizing shadow by its roots and light by its ascension to the sky. His writing mixes figuration and abstraction which allows another reading of the work. Organized according to lines of force which structure them, the compositions obey a precise drawing and are treated in harmonies of browns from which an invigorating light emanates.

Nicole Lamothe Univers des Arts September 2001

Claire de Villaret Gallery 2002

Would any painting be the portrayal of its author, the intimate revealer of his thought, of his journey with its crowns of thorns, its side roads, its illuminated glades?
Passed by the Boulle school before entering the Beaux Arts. Daniel Convenant surely acquired a taste for wood, for the tree, this trunk - a link between shadow and light - whose bark he penetrates, searches every knot to eradicate his memory, the exit of the chaos. And in the anthropomorphic forms, discovered at the bottom of the veins of felled oaks or the pores of their bark that it enlarges like a lens of a microscope, beings are finally reborn, things that have disappeared come back: women dreamed of, loved, found or lost that the waves drive away and bring back.
Influenced by surrealism, but resolutely baroque, the sprawling volutes of Daniel Conenant, with their fullness, their hairlines, translate the thickness as the lightness of human feelings They show us, whatever the fate that life has in store for us, that this life is constantly rolling, in its continual renewal.
"Face of a man, bark of soul"

Anne Bolori

Lamballe 2004 show

Reading the myriads of words that the canvas has aroused since it was painted, one would come to believe that some paintings would be more made to be read than watched! However, the explanation is contradictory to emotion. Throughout his work, Daniel Convenant has never had to explain himself in order to share with us. As soon as we love its light and the power of its material, the force of the marvelous is essential. And, if we feel good in his painting, in harmony with his brutality or his caresses, it is because he has been able to offer our soul the colors it needed at the moment when they were most needed. required.

Pierre Bernard HALLET

Seize the elusive

Daniel Convenant charges his painting with my deep self… an unknown self which is the key to the known self. Certainly yes ... In the creative impulse, there is the weight of experience and lived experience. He knows how to find the lines of force that allow a canvas to hold to become a caterpillar, butterfly, bark ... His paintings hold by rhythms, lines, values. He deliberately maintains the imbalance in order to achieve the most perfect balance. He concretizes in painting his conception of the world: "In life, what counts is not the goal, but the path that leads to the goal".

Mustapha Chelbi May 2006


In 1993, a stroke left him aphasic and hemiplegic. He won back his rebirth at the cost of a fierce will and since then delivers a strong work to us, cosmic imprint of his dreams beyond his conscious or subconscious hopes. Mysteries of shadow, surreal lyricism, supernatural light, epic spirituality, his exceptional gifts of expression we offer a rich universe. His uncompromising pictorial commitment propels us to the heart of an ardent work amidst immense energy and total authenticity in his quest for an impossible… sublimated and always pushed back.

Jean-Louis Avril February 2008

Guest of honor at ARTS-INTER 2009 in Lyon

Inner light, the light of a man living his passion, Daniel CONVENANT alchemist, magician of dreams, purist, suggests to us, in accordance with the fluidity of luminous colors, an unreal world, a world where figures and objects have ghostly appearances.
Cleverly intertwined curves and arabesques add a spiritual atmosphere to his balanced compositions where all the springs of charm and dialogues of tones play out in a perfect range of refined fusion.
Strangeness and modernism, are the password of this Art where Poetry disputes it with nuance, the drawing with colored vibrations. A halo of mystery and charm haze in the mind of anyone who would like to ignore it.

Speech by Madame Jacqueline FOUJIROUD (president of ARTS-INTER) on the occasion of the LYON fair on February 9, 2009

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